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We deliver our products to all parts of Greece , even in the most remote areas.

Send by courier:
Most of our products , (up to 10kg or volume 20ch30ch40 ) usually shipped by courier service of ACS.

With ACS, your order will be delivered straight to your door at the address you have indicated .

Before you make the choice zone of transport (depending on your region ) should determine if the area you are considered DP ( inaccessible areas. )

Follow the link .

Otherwise , contact us to assist you.

Send a Transport Company:
In the event that your order is a product of greater dimensions or weight than usual , the shipping will be done by shipping company that serves your area.

In this case , payment is made only by bank transfer or by credit card and transportation costs charged to the client , regardless of order amount .



Delivery order for areas within the wider area of Chania .
For orders until 15:00 Monday to Friday our company you send the order within 24-48 hours to the hours between our 9:00 and 15:00 .

Delivery order for areas outside the prefecture of Chania .
For orders until 15:00 Monday to Friday, our company will send your order within 24-48 hours to the hours between our 9:00 and 15:00 .

Deliveries can be made to any agency of your choice or to the offices of the carrier company you indicate ( in Crete ) . Extra charge for transporting the products to your borne by the consignee .

Any further delay receipt does not rest with the company as our route carriers can vary from region to region and depend purely by the carrier .

Send a missing product in Greece
Can be made in consultation with our company .

Call us on 2821-072848 for more information.



Although we make every effort to accurately display the data , features and prices of the products here are not ruled out the possibility of occurrence of error rates and characteristics.

Please , if you notice any errors , please contact us before you place your order .

The website is not responsible for any errors in product prices and features .



Order Cancellation can be done in the following cases:

If you have completed your order but have not received your product . Call us at 2821072848 and cancel your order .

To inquire about the status of your order please call us at 2821072848 .

* These deadlines do not apply during periods of extreme weather or strikes , to shortcomings in the availability of products and in any event of force majeure , which may affect journey times

The goods travel at the risk of the recipient. The website assumes no responsibility for any damage to the goods from error treatment during transport .

 The minimum order for shipping Shipping is :

  for locations within Crete : 3,50 €

  for areas outside Crete : 3,50 €

  on islands : 3,50 €