Before entering the online shop and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the Kritodomi SA online shop.


Upon completion of your order, you receive the following message (example):

“Thank you for choosing us for your purchases.
H successfully registered your order.
You will soon receive confirmation to e – mail you provided.”

Shipping charges

Shipping costs are calculated based on the zip code which you indicate when you place your order and based on the volume and / or weight of your order.

Within Chania

Up to 2 kg 2,30 € and extra kg 0,80 €

From 3 kg and up 4,40 € and extra kg 0,70 €


Within the Region

Up to 2 kg 3,50 € and extra kg 0,90 €

From 7 kg and up 7,50 € and extra kg 0,80 €


Terrestrial Destinations

Up to 2 kg 3,50 € and extra kg 1,00 €

From 6 kg and up 7,50 € and extra kg 1,00 €


Island Destinations

Up to 2 kg 3,50 € and extra kg 1,30 €

From 8 kg and up 10,00 € and extra kg 1,20 €


Inaccessible Areas

Up to 2 kg 10,60 € and extra kg 3,50 €

From 3 kg and up 12,40 € and extra kg 1,30 €


* The above prices include legal VAT.


High volume / weight orders

The Kritodomi SA undertakes the transportation to our agency where it is located in Athens free. The transport and the cost from our agency to your area will be undertaken solely by you choosing any transport you wish.

Delivery dates and times

Our branch store in Athens: Delivery days are Monday through Friday individually from 08:00 am to 16 : 00 PM.

For transfers through your agency of choice, the delivery times of each carrier are applicable.

Address: Orfeos 126-128, Votanikos

Estimated Delivery Time

For products available in the e-shop, see the estimated delivery time below:

Courier Delivery (up to 10 kg)

For Attica & Capital Territories: 4-7 business days.
For inaccessible areas, delivery times may be longer.


Delivery of Agency of your choice (> 10 kg)

4-7 business days to the Athens agency us .
Then contact the agency you set for the final delivery time.

In addition, if your order includes a product available upon order to our supplier, the time required to ship to the warehouse is added to the delivery time. Your order will be ready when all products are available in our warehouse.

No deliveries of products outside Greece (except Cyprus upon request).