Wheel balancer Moto B202 FASEP
Wheel balancer Moto B202 FASEP

Wheel balancer Moto B202 FASEP

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Tire balancer / wheel balancer

The Fasep “Moto” balancing machine is ideal for accurate, simple and fast balancing of motor wheels. It is no longer necessary to convert standard balancing machines with adapters and such, which saves a lot of time.

The machine has the following features:

3D-console with control panel for easy access to all functions.

Motor shaft of 14mm with multiple adapters to tension most motor wheels.

Storage space for weights, cones and tools.

Flange holders on the side of the machine

ISO 9001 standard

Technical specifications:

voltage = 230V / 50Hz

motor power = 5W

speed = 75 – 125rpm

rim diameter = 8″ (200mm) – 26″ (650mm)

max. wheel diameter = 34″ (850mm)

max. rim width = 16″ (415mm)

max. capacity = 70kg

cycle duration = 4 – 15 sec.

measurement accuracy = 1 gram

Each B202 comes standard with: a motor shaft 14mm, cone set, rim width meter, open-ended spanner and 4 ground anchors.

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