Welding helmet automatic EWH980
Welding helmet automatic EWH980

Welding helmet automatic EWH980

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Welding helmet automatic

 This professional welding helmet is suitable for all welding jobs, but in particular for TIG welding because of the large viewing area. The viewing area is 98 x 80mm. The welding helmet is provided with a grinding function, so that the helmet can also be used te grind without the window turning dark. Furthermore, this helmet is equipped with a solid ergonomic high quality headband with sweatband that ensures a high wearing comfort.
The welding helmet is also provided with a low volume battery alarm. This alarm indicates when the battery is low.
Further, the welding helmet is equipped with a test function. Using this safety feature allows you to test whether the viewing window actually turns dark. 
This will prevent you from experiencing unexpected burden of bright light during welding, because the viewing window is not turning dark. 

Suitable for:
– TIG welding
– MIG CO2 welding
– ARC welding
– grinding
– plasma cutting

– optical class = 1/1/1/2
– viewing area = 98 x 80mm
– cartridge size = 113 x 114 x 10mm
– head strap with sweat strap
– arc sensor = 4
– light state = DIN 4
– dark state = variable shade 9 ~ 13
– shade control = internal, variable 
– power on/off = fully automatic
– sensitivity control = low-high by infinitely dial knob
– protection (UV/IR) = DIN 16
– power supply = solar cell, CR2450 lithium battery
– switching time = 1/25000s from light to dark
– dark to light = 0,1 – 1,0s by infinitely dial knob
– low amperage TIG = 5amps (AC) 5amps (DC)
– operating temperature = -5 ~ 55 degrees celcius
– storing temperature = -20 ~ 70 degrees celcius

Comes with Dutch instructions including EG-declaration and standard.
– 89/686/EEC
– 89/336/EEC

Including plastic interior and exterior windows.

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