Ultrasonic cleaner 2Lt UC20 FLUXON
Ultrasonic cleaner 2Lt UC20 FLUXON

Ultrasonic cleaner 2Lt UC20 FLUXON

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Ultrasonic cleaner / ultrasonic device

Fluxon ultrasonic cleaners are extremely suitable for cleaning a variety of different materials.

By using ultrasonic vibrations, in combination with cleaning fluid, stuck dirt or production residues are easily removed.


  • Very efficient
  • Has a digital controller to guarantee a long service life with high precision
  • Requires little cleanser
  • Cleans very environmentally friendly

The ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for 3 different cleaning methods:

  1. Normal cleaning: Only water is used for cleaning, temperatures < 50 degrees Celsius
  2. Advanced cleaning: Add some cleaning drops, liquid soap or degreaser, but no acids!
  3. Extensive cleaning: Removal of tarnish, carbon and rust from non-plated metals. Use specific cleansers suitable for ultrasonic cleaners.


  • tank capacity = 2L
  • ultrasonic power = 60W
  • heating power = 100W
  • cleaning frequency = 40kHz
  • time control = 1 – 99min
  • temperature control = 0 – 80 degrees Celsius
  • tank dimensions = 150 x 140 x 100mm
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