Pneumatic staple gun S8016 ZION AIR
Pneumatic staple gun S8016 ZION AIR

Pneumatic staple gun S8016 ZION AIR

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This ZionAir pneumatic staple gun is ideal for fast, easy and serially shooting staples. Thanks to the easy-to-open magazine, the gun can be quickly reloaded.

Technical specifications:

  • capacity staples = 120
  • length of the staples = 6 – 16mm
  • average air consumption = 20L/min
  • air inlet = 1/4″ (male connector included)
  • working pressure = 6,3 bar
  • recommended air hose = 10mm inside diameter (3/8″)

The specified air consumption is indicated at a pressure of 6,3 bar.

The air output at compressors is measured at ambient pressure, so these 2 values cannot be compared with each other.

If you need advise, consult one of our experts.

Product size
Product length (mm) 211.0
Product width (mm) 145.0
Product height (mm) 45.0
Product weight (kg) 0.9

Package size
Package length (mm) 135
Package width (mm) 153
Package height (mm) 50
Package weight (kg) 1.03

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