Plasma cutter 40A PL40C CUT40
Plasma cutter 40A PL40C CUT40

Plasma cutter 40A PL40C CUT40

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Plasma cutter IGBT 40 amps 230V CUT40

Solid plasma cutter which ignites very easily and cuts easily through rusted, coated or structured material because of its HF ignition.
Thanks to the modern IGBT technology the device is compact, portable and suitable for cutting material till 12mm.
This plasma cutter contains a built-in clock and a built-in regulator.
The duration of the gas / air flow is completely adjustable to your liking. 
The device is equipped with both 2T and 4T switch position.
Each CUT40 standard comes with a welding cable set, earth clamp and a professional plasma torch connected with a euroconnector including reserve acc!

Technical specifications:
– voltage = 230V – 50/60Hz – single phase
– fusing = 16A (slow)
– duty cycle = 40A/60%
– starting voltage = 280V
– current reach = 15 – 40A
– gas / air flow = 250 l/min
– protection class = IP21S
– insulation class = F
– length plasma torch = 5m
– plasma torch connection = eurocoupler (plug)
– length mass cable = 3m
– mass connection = 13mm pen

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