Engine crane foldable 1 ton CE1TT MAMMUTH
Engine crane foldable 1 ton CE1TT MAMMUTH

Engine crane foldable 1 ton CE1TT MAMMUTH

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This Mammuth engine crane is extremely suitable for (dis)assembling engine blocks, but is also often used for lifting and moving other heavy objects. The arm of the crane can be locked in four different positions: 250kg, 500kg, 750kg and 1000kg. The locking pin has a handy handle.
The hoist is equipped with a rotary knob to lower the arm, which ensures high ease of use and extra safety.
Furthermore, the crane is foldable and therefore easy to store.


  • height range 2000kg 1920mm
  • height range 1500kg 1990mm
  • height range 1000kg 2050mm
  • height range 500kg 2120mm
  • total length crane arm 2000kg 1080mm
  • total length crane arm 1500kg 1170mm
  • total length crane arm 1000kg 1260mm
  • total length crane arm 500kg 1350mm
  • height of the legs 160mm
  • distance between legs at widest point 940mm
  • dimensions folded 570 x 485 x 1520mm

Product size
Product length (mm) 1540.0
Product width (mm) 1040.0
Product height (mm) 1400.0
Product weight (kg) 66.0

Package size
Package length (mm) 1440
Package width (mm) 455
Package height (mm) 180
Package weight (kg) 69

Weight 69 kg