Before entering the online shop and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the Kritodomi SA online shop.

Credit Card Payment

Kritodomi SA online store accepts Visa & Mastercard credit cards. In the process of your order automatically move to secure and encrypted environment 128 bit encryption SSL (Secure Socket layer) Eurobank. Using SSL ensures that all information transferred between the user and the winbank paycenter server is encrypted and cannot be intercepted. Card details are not stored anywhere and cannot be used.

Before buying with a credit card you can contact us to let you know about the availability of the products you want to purchase.


By bank deposit

You can deposit your order amount into a bank account by writing your name on the depository. Before depositing, contact us to let you know about the availability of the products you want to purchase or make a note in the comments on your order. After deposit let us know at 2821072848 or by e- mail at

The bank accounts are:

National Bank

IBAN: GR52 0110 4890 0000 4894 7059 803 Eurobank

IBAN: GR54 0260 1350 0005 8020 0685 653

Alpha Bank 

IBAN: GR77 0140 6600 7760 0200 2004 704


Piraeus Bank 

IBAN : GR 13 0172 7580 0057 5807 5055 895


Beneficiary: Kritodomi SA

Upon receipt of an update on our payment system, we confirm your order and begin shipping. Please keep the proof of your transaction.


The processing of your order will only begin after the confirmation of deposit and the delivery time has elapsed since then. If the deposit has not been confirmed within 5 business days, the order will be deleted.

Cash on delivery

Shipping costs 4.50 € regardless of city.

* Excludes bulk-weight products such as sanitary ware, refrigerators, doors, heating stoves, machinery.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: Orders are not executed by cash on delivery until further notice, preventing the virus from spreading.