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Falco - Midrise scissors lift 3000kg 230V VL30F230B

Midrise scissors lift 3000kg 230V  VL30F230B

Product description

Fully automatic scissors lift

The Falco Sollevatori scissors lift is thanks to its stable solid design easy to place on a level surface and installation is not required due to the sturdy construction. The lift is provided with double cylinders and a fully automated electrical safety lock, so you do not need to use a compressor / compressed air connection. 
Every lift comes with a set of wheels, allowing to move the lift easily so you can use your workplace optimally.
Furthermore, the mobile scissors lift comes with a plug and a set of rubber blocks.
The lift is also equipped with a foot protection by acoustic security signal.
The Falco lift comes standard with a Dutch user manual including maintenance protocol and CE certificate 2006/42/EG.
The lift meets the NEN-EN1493 safety standard. 

Technical specifications:
- lifting capacity = 3000kg
- power supply = 230V
- motor power = 2,2kW
- low lifting point = 100mm
- max. lifting height = 1000mm
- locking = fully automatically
- lifting time = 30-50 sec
- total platform size (of 1 platform) = 2100 x 460mm
- solid platform size (of 1 platform) = 1400 x 460mm